The following information is not intended to be exhaustive, and further eligibility requirements do apply. Please contact us to determine if you qualify.

Ghan Migration understands the importance of quality employees for any business and the difficulty of outsourcing the resources to Australia. The process can be prolonged if critical information is not provided which will ultimately lead to rejection or further delay.

As an employer you have several visa options to sponsor overseas workers to work in Australia which includes:

The visa allows businesses based either in Australia or overseas to sponsor workers for a temporary visa lasting up to 4 years.

This visa allows businesses in regional Australia to address labour shortages by sponsoring workers where employers cannot source an Australian worker. This visa leads to permanent residency that is not reliant on ongoing sponsorship. This visa lasts up to 5 years.

A permanent visa requiring the nominating employer to be operating in Australia. This visa lets skilled workers, who are nominated by their employer, live and work in Australia permanently.

For people undertaking short-term, non-ongoing, highly specialised work.

The Highly Specialised Work stream of this temporary visa lets you do short-term, highly specialised work with an Australian business, for sporting activities, as a religious worker, a Domestic worker, to work in the entertainment industry, for research activities. This visa is up to 6 months (depending on the circumstances).

This visa allows to take part in an occupational training activities to improve your skills for your job, area of tertiary study, field of expertise or in a professional development training program in Australia. This visa is temporary and allows you to stay up to 2 years.