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GHAN Migration

GHAN was named in appreciation of the significant contribution of Afghan Cameleers who first migrated to Australia in 1838 to assist in the early exploration of the interior of Australia. Without their assistance, outback communities would not have been able to survive. These migrants lead camel trains through outback Australia, transporting supplies from cities to regional towns, inland mines and were guides on expeditions, located water sources, and ensured a safe journey for travellers.  

Like these Cameleers, migrants have made a significant contribution to the development of Australia over the last century, and it is for this reason, that Australia is called a country of migrants.

A voice for migrants

Like you, the founders of GHAN were also migrants and have gone through the path that many new migrants will need to take to come to Australia and remain in Australia. We understand that Migration is a complicated, stressful and time-consuming process, and we are here to navigate that journey with you and through our extensive experience, assist you in ensuring that you achieve your migration goals.

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